GROWLApparel Fascinating Facts!

Apparel serves as a mere synonym for the garments that adorn our bodies. In the realm of work, we hope to see individuals attired in sophisticated suits and elegant heels, while during moments of leisure on weekends, cozy pajama pants and charming bunny slippers become the preferred choice.

Apparel finds its origins in the Latin word apparare, meaning 'to prepare' or 'make ready', or ad-particulare, meaning 'to put things together'. During the 13th century, it evolved into a verb denoting 'to equip'. It wasn't until the subsequent century that apparel began being used as both a verb, indicating 'to attire', and as a noun, representing garments or clothing. According to Thomas Fuller, a British writer in the 17th century, 'Apparel shapes: but it's money that finalizes the man.'

Get ready for the epic shopping spree that is Black Friday! Oh, and did you know this zany fact about the wildest day of deals?

In 1869, the term 'Black Friday' originated in the U.S. to describe a day of financial turmoil when gold prices experienced a significant crash.